MLAA – Morphological Antialiasing

MLAA is a universal (independent from rendering pipeline) post-processing techniques which is originally developed by Intel for (ray tracing) image based aliasing removal.

mlaa_img01The algorithm consists of three major steps:

  1. Based on image, recognizing image discontinuities (by comparing neighboring horizontal and vertical pixels).
  2. Based on discontinuities, detecting L, U, Z shapes patterns (the patterns are defined by the lines in between pixels).
  3. Based on shape patterns, blending the corresponding pixels with correct (anti-aliased line) weighting.



The amount of blending each pixel receives depends on the surface area split by the anti-aliased line (created by the pattern-shape).


  • The algorithm is universal and only requires pixel data.
  • Parallelisation friendly.
  • Quality comparable to 4x supersampling


  • The algorithm is designed to run on CPU, which is less attractive for real-time application.
  • Susceptible to temporal artifacts.
  • Unable to correctly anti-alias shapes smaller than a single pixel.
  • Susceptible to temporal artifacts.

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