Shadertoy profile: Vlad86

JavaScript – Path Tracer: Cornell Box

Playing around with JavaScript, resulted in a small path tracer project.

FDOWN – URL Content Downloader

A simple tool which allows the user to download the content of a specified URL.


A program which exposes cg-fragment shader to the user. The fragment shader is render over a full-screen quad, allowing the user to test shader code and write cool effects. The shader is automatically reloaded when the source file is modified. Note: RayMacher uses CG shaders (which is unfortunately outdated) and supports only NVidia GPUs.

Confetti Interactive, Inc.

A happy Graphics Programmer at Confetti Interractive, Inc.

Shadow Map Silhouette Revectorization

Developed a new shadow map filtering technique. Poster at I3D 2014 and published onĀ ACM Digital Library

Codeglue – Terraria Android

Responsible for the Terraria Android port during the overall Terraria Mobile port project.

Shader – Sub Surface Scattering

Screen-spaced shader. Similar implementation integrated into Killzone 4 (SSSS – based on Jorge Jimenez’s implementation).

Guerrilla Games – Killzone 4 Shadow Fall

Programmed Sub Surface Scattering shader (skin shader) for Killzone 4 Shadow Fall. The skin shader is based on Jorge Jimenez’s SSSS implementation with some minor differences. Also programmed the multi-layered material engine support, which is used for skin shading and other game and graphics related features.


Managed the development process of a 10-man student team. Programmed the main graphics framework, level-editor, maintained and optimized the game through the whole project. The game won couple of awesome awards and eventually the IP got bought by indiePub Entertainment, Inc. Unfortunately, the development of the game is indefinitely halted.